For New and Established Patients

When you arrive at our office, please check-in at the registration desk. It’s a good idea to come 10 or 15 minutes early. Be sure to bring all of your glasses and contact lens information. Expect to spend about one hour and a half in our office for an initial visit. Patients requiring complicated evaluations and consultations may require more time, and patients with simple situations may get finished sooner. If you have reason to believe you may have special needs, please let us know so we can be prepared prior to your arrival.

Medical History and Insurance

If you haven’t already received them in the mail, you will be given a registration form (required by insurance plans) and medical history questionnaires. Remember to complete the Visual Lifestyle Questionnaire which will help us to recommend vision care solutions tailored to your unique lifestyle needs. You will usually be ready to go home an hour and a half after your scheduled appointment time. Download forms today and bring all completed forms to your visit.

When the paperwork is done, you will go to a history and examination room. The technician will review your ocular, medical and family history, measure your vision and take preliminary measurements. Your current glasses prescription will be verified.

Eyeglass Measurement

You’re now ready for your eye exam (refraction) and eyeglass measurement. Our staff of Optometrists and Refracting Certified Ophthalmic Assistants (COA) carefully makes these measurements. Even if you don’t plan on getting glasses, or contacts, these measurements help in diagnosis and treatment of a number of eye conditions so any necessary early treatment can be provided. The staff will measure your intraocular pressure to rule out the presence of glaucoma or other ocular conditions. This is done by applanation tonometry, the “gold standard” of pressure measurement.


Finally, dilating eye drops may be administered. “Vision Plan” visits generally do not include dilation, except for diabetics. The drops require 15-30 minutes to take effect. They may blur your vision, especially for close work, for several hours, although you can drive safely from the office. Protective sunglasses will be provided. While the drops begin to take effect, we recommend that you visit the Optical Gallery if you are considering getting new eyeglass frames, or if you have questions about the many lens and frame options available to you.

Eye Examination

Once your pupils are fully dilated, you will be seen by the doctor with whom you have made your appointment (either your MD or your OD). The doctor will carefully examine your eyes with the benefit of dilated pupils and then explain to you the things you need to know about the health of your eyes.

Eyewear Recommendations

Once all of the health issues have been covered, your refraction (eyeglass measurement) results will be discussed with you and appropriate eyewear recommendations will be made. Written prescriptions will be provided. Based on your examination and Visual Lifestyle Questionnaire our licensed opticians will recommend state-of-the-art lenses and frames to best address your unique, lifestyle visual needs.

Contact Lenses

If you decide that contact lenses are the best solution for you, we will set up an appointment for a contact lens fitting. We offer a wide range of contact lens options. Contact Lens fitting is a separate service from the complete exam, because physical fitting of the lenses is different from determining the refraction (lens power) and the health exam.

Follow Up Visits

If necessary, a return appointment will be scheduled for you prior to your departure. Reminder cards are mailed for long-term follow-up visits.

Referring Doctor Correspondence

If you have been referred to our office by another eye care provider, it is helpful if you bring information about your condition from your provider to ensure all your vision needs are addressed. We will be happy to send your provider a report after your consultation.


Our fees are similar to those established by other vision care providers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Copayments and deductibles are expected at the time of service. We will assist you in processing your insurance claims provided you have given us all the necessary information. If your insurance requires a referral from your primary care physician, it is essential that you obtain this prior to your appointment and bring it with you on the day of your examination.

Enjoy elite, comprehensive, specialty care for your unique vision needs provided to Marin County and surrounding areas.