Frame selection is an important element for seeing well and enjoying how you look with glasses. The staff at MarinEyes take the time to recommend the right lens materials, designs and frame shape to enhance the visual experience with your new glasses. Once your correct prescription for eyeglasses is determined, you can then choose the best frame for you. Our licensed opticians will help you decide which frame is optimal according to your visual needs, style preferences and lens design.

Fashion Frames for the Latest Look

MarinEyes typically carries the latest fashion frames including:

MarinEyes Eyeware Makers

There is more to consider than just fashion, however. Think about your unique lifestyle needs. Do you wear your glasses at work? Do you work at computer? Are you involved in athletic activities? Do you need sunglasses as well as eyeglasses? There are many shapes and sizes of frames available in our Optical Gallery, as well as specialty glasses and lenses to suit specific activities.