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Eyelid Problems





Chalazion begins with an acute tenderness of the eyelid, followed by localized swelling and redness. Chalazion is more common in people who have chronic blepharitis and / or Rosacea. The meibomian glands of the eyelid become inflammed, though not necessarily infected. After the acute episode, the swelling may completely resolve (80% or remain (20%). If residual swelling is a problem, a minor office surgery can be done to drain away the inflammatory residue. The condition is similar to acne. The treatment depends on the severity and chronicity.

  1. Warm compresses for 5-10 at least 4 times daily.
  2. If this is insufficient, antibiotic/ steroid eyedrops may be prescribed, and sometimes ointment on the bump.
  3. Occasionally oral antibiotics are warranted.
  4. If the swelling persists after the acute phase, a minor office procedure (incision and drainage) can be done.