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Eyelid Problems





Blepharitis is a chronic eyelid inflammation that may prodice either constant or intermittent symptoms of irritation, foreign body sensation, mattering on the lashes, and even loss of eyelashes. People with Rosacea, a facial skin condition, are more likely to get blepharitis and also chalazion.

The treatment is prescribed in steps, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

  1. Daily routine of warm compress and gentle massage of the eyelids and gently wiping the lashes is the single most helpful treatment. This should be done daily even after the acute phase, as preventive of relapse. Unless you are allergic, oral fish oil capsules or flax seed oil improve the health of the oil glands in the lids and increase comfort.
  2. Artificial tears improve ocular lubrication and comfort. Use them at least 4 times daily. Some people are sensitive to the preservatives in eye drops; they should use non-preserved artificial tears.
  3. Periodically, a short course of antibiotic / steroid drops are helpful.
  4. Resistant cases may add the nightly use of an antibiotic ointment.
  5. The most persistent cases may warrant chronic use of oral tetracycline (or another drug in this family).