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John C Shin,     MD Christian K Kim, MD John R Campbell, MD

Symptoms of Cataract

Cataracts cause symptoms including blurry vision near and/or far, sensitivity to glare, and an imperceptible but progressive loss of color vision as the lens turns yellow. Generally it is when either the clarity of vision is not good, or when glare sensitivity on bright days or at night that a person seeks help for the cataract. Whenever you have difficulty with your vision, from any cause, you should come in and let us evaluate the situation and diagnose the problem.

Simulation of how Cataracts affect vision

Examples: Vision thru a Cataract

Same scene without cataract

China Camp Cataract China Camp Clear
China Camp as seen through a cataract Vision is usually much better
after cataract surgery
Paris night cataract Paris night clear
Paris at night as seen through a cataract Glare problems usually improve
after surgery
Reading through cataract Reading clear lens
Reading may be blurry through a cataract Reading vision is usually sharper
after cataract surgery