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ReStor  Multifocal IOL

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The ReStor IOL is our favorite Multifocal IOL at Marin Eyes. This lens offers excellent distant and near vision, as well as intermediate such that spectacle dependency is dramatically reduced compared with a monofocal lens implant. Inserted after phacoemulsification of the cataract, healing is as rapid as with standard single focus lens implants.

These lenses perform best in eyes with no other disease, and with little or no astigmatism. Small amounts of astigmatism can be corrected at the time of the cataract surgery if needed with LRI (Limbal Relaxing Incision). Highly motivated patients with more pronounced astigmatism can still get excellent results if they are willing to have a two-step correction ("Bi-Optics"). First, the cataract surgery and ReStor lens implant, and second Laser Vision Correction to remove the astigmatism.

ReStor Video

The special feature of these lenses, the ability to see near as well as far, works differently from the natural focus shift of a young person. Once the lens is implanted, a process called "neuroadaptation" begins. Reading vision begins improving soon after surgery and is quite good for most patients within a couple of weeks. The best reading vision will be 6 or more months post cataract surgery as measured by reading speed.


ReStor IOLHow it Works

The ReStor IOL has a very fine pattern of concentric rings that distribute light for near, far and intermediate vision. The video on the IOL Options page is quite informative. The IOL power selection is critical, and fortunately at MarinEyes we have excellent technicians, equipment and computer resources to improve precision and consistency. Occasional patients may still benefit from an enhancement of their results with Laser Vision Correction.

Another lens is available in this class (multifocal IOL), the ReZoom. It differs in a number of details from the ReStor. The Crystalens is in another class (accommodating IOL) and works on a different principle.

For a wider range of options, check the IOL Options page.

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