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John C Shin Christian K Kim John R Campbell
John C Shin,     MD Christian K Kim, MD John R Campbell, MD

Drs. John R. Campbell, John C. Shin and Christian K. Kim use the most current proven methods in their cataract surgery. The doctors provide pre-operative consultations, second opinions and post-operative care. Cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in your eye. It starts imperceptibly and typically progresses over time. It may come on slowly or quickly, in younger or older patients. If it gets to the point of limiting your activities, it is time to consider whether you are ready to either get your glasses improved, or to have something done about the cataract. Cataracts never get better on their own, they progress over time. Fortunately there are excellent treatment options available.

The Crystalens IOL

Crystalens has undergone many modifications ove the past few years, and seems to hav improved. At MarinEyes, we still prefer either monovision or Multifocal IOLs over Crystalens because of their predictability and excellent reading as well as the intermediate and far vision many attribute to the Crystalens.

Crystalens animation Normally, lens implants have a fixed focus distance (see Glasses After Cataract Surgery). Multifocal IOLs have elements for near and far, while the Crystalens® is said to actually mechanically shift focus between near and far. The patients who are suitable for this implant must have little or no astigmatism pre-operatively, and ideally no other eye disease, in order to increase the chances of success with this lens implant. The surgery must go perfectly, and the pre-operative measurements must give precise results in order to achieve this result.


Occasional patients may experience a situation where the Crystalens® becomes fixed at near vision. This usually occurs relatively soon after surgery, and sometimes requires an additional procedure to correct. This does not happen with MultiFocal lens implants. While the FDA studies show excellent results with both Multifocal and Accommodationg (Crystalens) type implants, the Multifocal IOLs (such as ReStor and ReZoom) seem to be a more popular choice.

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