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Ernest Denicke, M.D.Our practice history begins more than 60 years ago.

Starting with Ernest W. Denicke, M.D., born in Ross, California in 1912, our practice has provided a continuous Legacy of Care for Marin County residents for over 60 years. Dr. Denicke graduated from Stanford University and then from Stanford University School of Medicine in the class of 1938. The first ophthalmologist in Marin County, Dr. Denicke interrupted his practice in 1942, to serve in the Army Air Force Medical Corps in Europe. After the war, he returned to Marin in 1945 to open practice in the Albert Building in San Rafael. He was the first eye surgeon to practice in Marin, and he was instrumental in the establishment of Marin General Hospital. Denny was a consummate racconteur and often entertained friends with delightful limmericks. He was a fisherman, hunter and horseman. From his teenage years, he enjoyed metal work. His father taught him about silver smithing, and Locke Brothers introduced him to machine shop work in their San Rafael machine shop.

Earle McBain, M.D.A few years later, he was joined by another Stanford Grad, Earle H. Mc Bain, M.D.. Earle trained and practiced with Dormann Pischell in San Francisco prior to his move to Marin. Earle was shy and of few words. He always ran his office schedule on time. He kept things tidy, simple and exact. Earle lived simply and with great thrift all year long, but once a year took a well planned trip to Paris, where he and his wife Lorraine enjoyed the best wine in the best restaurants.

Throughout his career, he served on the clinical faculty at Stanford Hospital (while it was still located in San Francisco) and subsequently at Pacific Medical Center where most of the clinical faculty remained when the Stanford Medical School relocated to Palo Alto. The doctors later moved their offices to 1530 5th Ave. When he eventually retired, Earle and Lorraine moved from their home in Greenbrae to the Tamalpais, following many of their friends.

As Drs. Denicke and Mc Bain approached retirement age, they selected John R. Campbell, M.D., to join the practice. The year was 1979. A Stanford undergrad with a doctorate from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, he joined them in their small offices on 5th Avenue in San Rafael. The three doctors shared a space with only two examination rooms and two small treatment rooms. Dr. Campbell worked in the office with Dr. Denicke three days a week, and Dr. McBain two days. There was no such thing as an ophthalmology call schedule in Marin at the time; Dr. Campbell was on call full time for a number of years, until Dr. Vermillion arrived. See th Doctors Page for more information and a photo of Dr. Campbell.

Steven Vermilion, M.D.With the arrival of Dr. Campbell, the practice grew substantially, and the search was on for yet another Ophthalmologist. The doctors invited Steven J. Vermillion, M.D., to joined the practice in 1982. A product of the University of Iowa start to finish, and in every sense an artist, Dr. Vermillion added his skills and compassion to the practice.

When Dr. Campbell and Dr. Vermillion needed more space to practice, they were honored to have Drs. Denicke and Mc Bain come with them to their new location at 901 E Street in San Rafael. Dr. Denicke continued to practice part-time until 1990, when he retired. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Vermillion built Marin Ophthalmic Surgery Center adjacent to the medical offices at 901 E Street in 1994. Specializing in phacoemulsification cataract surgery and lens implants, this was the first certified ambulatory surgery center in Marin County.

Donald Harvey, ODAs the demands of medical and surgical eye care pressed on Dr. Campbell and Dr. Vermillion, they in 1987 asked Dr. Don Harvey, then working in his own private optometry practice in Marin Square, to join our staff. Don endeared himself to all with warm but his no-nonsense dedication to providing excellent refractions for our patients. Don retired from practice in 2002 and thoroughly enjoys spending time with his wife and family, as well as travellng. This picture of Don was taken in Rome, circa 2009.

Ours was a great loss when Dr. Denicke passed away in 1991. We lost Dr. Mc Bain in 2003. He had retired from the practice in 1985.

Charles Daily, M.D.Charles D Daily, M.D. moved his practice to join the practice, now known as Marin Ophthalmic Consultants, in 1995. A graduate of Washington University, Dr. Daily practiced in Marin for a number of years, then served in the army as the head ophthalmologist of NATO’s hospital in Germany. It was upon his return to Marin County that he joined Drs. Campbell and Vermillion. Dr. Daily retired in 1998. We are very sad that he passed away in 2006.

Well, the practice continued to grow! John C. Shin, M.D. joined Marin Ophthalmic Consultants in 1998. An undergraduate of Stanford University, he graduated from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. He completed a 3-year residency at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and a fellowship in corneal and external disease and refractive surgery at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Doctor Shin was introduced to Dr. Campbell through the courtesy of his professors at California Pacific. It was in 2000 that the doctors changed the name of the practice to MarinEyes. Dr. Shin, along with Drs Campbell and Kim, is an owner in the practice. Photo and more information on Dr. Shin can be found on the Doctors Page.

As he approached retirement, Darryl Smith, M.D. became concerned about who would take care of his patients upon his retirement. He reflected for some time, then decided to move his practice from Greenbrae to join with Marin Ophthalmic in 2001 after 35 years of practice in Marin. He stayed for two years to be sure that his patients would be well cared for before retiring in the spring of 2003. Dr. Smith is enjoying family and service to his church community in Salt Lake City. On the occasion of marking 5 years of retirement, Dr. Smith called Dr. Campbell to send thanks and regards to his many faithful patients. He is most appreciative that he was able to leave his patients in the capable care of the doctors and staff of MarinEyes.

Dr. Vermillion retired in April of 2006, after a 6 month leave. He had been with us for 24 years. He is travelling and continuing his Tai Chi,music and art work.

Dr. Christian Kim joined the practice in February 2008, moving here from Sonoma County where he had been practicing for 10 years. More information on Dr. Kim can be found on the Doctors Page.